Is There Anyone Out There?

Lone Survivor is an indie survival horror game developed by Jasper Byrne and published by Superflat Games.


Set in a disease-ravaged, post-apocalyptic city, Lone Survivor puts players in control of an unnamed man wearing a surgical mask. Unsure about the world’s state and unwilling to die alone, the man tries to escape the city.

Game Mechanics

Lone Survivor is a 2D sidescroller with elements of survival horror, combat, stealth, and adventure.

The game largely involves getting enough sleep, food, and water to survive. Lone Survivor keeps a rhythm around the scarcity of supplies.

The game’s stealth and combat mechanics fall into two choices:
1. Face monster and shoot until dead, or
2. Sneak past

In the plot, characters help or confuse the main character. Conversations and fetch quests drive the story forward.

lone survivor

Graphics and Art Style

The graphics are basic, yet the game’s menacing atmosphere is similar to games like Silent Hill. Claustrophobic corridors, blood on the walls, and monsters straight out of Masahiro Ito’s sketchpad contribute to the mood.

Music and Sound

The sound contributes to the game’s frightening tone. The game’s sparse music effectively complements the despair conveyed in the game. Lo-fi sound effects such as monster growls and clanging metal add to the retro-horror feel of Lone Survivor.

Game Length and Extras

Lone Survivor takes around 4 to 6 hours to complete. The game has multiple endings which extend its replay value.


Lone Survivor is eerie, frightening, and thrilling in varying measures. The simple gameplay, graphics and sound highlight a story of horror, despair, and hope. You’ll dissect the intentionally vague plot long after the final credits have rolled.

Pros and Cons

+ Understated yet effective soundtrack
+ Intriguing story
+ Chilling horror graphics and art style

–  Clunky combat
–  Backtracking through hallways and sneaking can get repetitive