diego acevedo llosa

“Close your eyes, what do you see?”

This is the introduction to “The Story of Ceasius Kakius”, a children’s book by Peruvian-Australian artist Ceasius Kakius, encouraging you to look inside yourself and uncover your deepest desires.

Proficient in many mediums, but usually working in acrylics with bright colors, bold strokes, and a variety of textures. Ceasius creates vibrant, feel-good artworks that aim to entertain and inspire.

ceasius kakius

In each piece you can find fun & quirky characters; odd-looking creatures and humanoids that can swim, surf and fly. In his more conceptual pieces he likes to incorporate intriguing materials, from stones and seeds to coffee beans and glow-in-the-dark pigments.

But what really sets Ceasius Kakius apart is what lies beyond the aesthetic of his artworks. The key concept of all his work and his persona as an artist.

Ceasius Kakius is in fact a fictional character, created by Diego Acevedo Llosa.


In a nutshell, the story of Ceasius Kakius sees an adventurous, creative “alien” leave his home planet of Kuluskuntranus and head to earth, following his dream of seeing Bob Marley live in concert. On the way, a “musical, rainbow comet” hits his spaceship and he crashes into the Peruvian Andes.

Unperturbed, Ceasius backpacks to Jamaica but whilst he is gone his heart-shaped spaceship is stolen by terrorists. And so, Ceasius Kakius is stranded on earth, painting memories of his friends from Kuluskuntranus.

Photo by Martin Lange

His is a story of self-discovery, following your dreams and exploring the human condition. These themes, as well as familiar Kuluskuntranus characters and the spaceship itself appear in almost all Ceasius Kakius artworks.

And beneath the whimsical characters and fun façade, each painting offers a unique perspective on humanity, as seen by a higher-being. From criticizing broken social-structures (like education systems), to preaching the need for balance in one’s life and commenting on our desire for abundance, Ceasius Kakius creates philosophical messages wrapped up in beautiful canvas packages.

sound healing

The breadth of creativity and scope of imagination is quite astounding when the full collection of paintings, sculptures, poems, books and the character of the artist himself, are viewed as one vast conceptual artwork.

To find out more visit www.ceasiuskakius.com and if you are in Sydney make sure you visit the Art Hub in Manly where Ceasius Kakius regularly exhibits.



Artist site: https://www.ceasiuskakius.com/