faig ahmed

Faig Ahmed was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1982. As an artist, he is world-renowned for his hyper-contemporary textiles.

His work presents a manipulated view of traditional carpet weaving. His artworks are based on iconic cultural crafts, made to appear distorted; melted, stretched, torn, bubbled or pixelated. The results propel these ancient objects into the 21st century; a comment on our perception of history.

liquid series
Liquid Series

Ahmed describes his method as “basically quantum physics in carpet form”. His process for creating these mind-bending optical illusions begins on a computer. He uses Photoshop to develop an original design, then prints it to-scale, dot-by-dot onto special engineering paper. The design is handed to a team of expert weavers who produce the finished product, using the same weaving process that has been practiced for over 300 years.

Ahmed often declares he is in love with textile. His passion began as a young boy as he played with (and occasionally cut up) the patterns on the carpets of his childhood bedroom.

“Patterns and ornaments can be found in all cultures, sometimes similar, sometimes very different. I consider them words and phrases that can be read and translated to a language we understand.”

singularity faig ahmed

Ahmed’s own “translation” of these ancient craft pieces has not always been well received, particularly in his home country.

Azerbaijan has been producing patterned textiles since the 3rd Century BC. In 2010 the tradition was added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Many people in Azerbaijan saw Ahmed’s work as a desecration of generations of honored practices.

As a result, the artist originally struggled to find traditional weavers to produce his warped designs. Those that he did find worked in secret.


But Ahmed sees his own art as a celebration of the historic practices. It is his homage to ancient traditions. He honors the past as “the most stable conception of our lives”.

Today, Ahmed’s artistic vision is recognized and admired across the world. He has exhibited prestigious shows in London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Moscow, LA and Sydney.

To find out more about Faig Ahmed’s work and current exhibitions visit www.faigahmed.com



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