Episode I- Wild in the Forest

PolyWorld is a three-part trilogy of experimental short videos by Joan Borguñó, with an original soundtrack composed by Jose García Baños. The first episode establishes the distinctive low-poly art style and immersive sense of world scale expanded upon in each subsequent iteration of the series. Creative use of dynamic camera movements and panoramic shots lead the viewer through a winding course of wooded glades and tranquil river valleys.

Episode II- Dusty Land Emperor

The second installment leaves behind the verdant forests and foothills to follow the expedition of a solitary nomad traversing an endless expanse of barren sands.  The scenery channels the open expanse aesthetic of Journey and Frank Herbert’s sci-fi magnum opus Dune.

Episode III- The King in the North

The final entry is ambitious in technical scope, with sweeping cinematography and complex animation sequences involving water physics, particle effects, crowd simulation, and walk cycles.

Jose García Baños once again doesn’t disappoint with another uplifting medley.  The King in the North also debuts guest musician TeknoAXE. whose audio reverberates in the opening cave scene.


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