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Amy Jane Adams is a contemporary artist who brings the past to life.

“My art is all about history… each piece I create tells a story, bringing to life buildings, places and people.”

A British artist, designer and author, Adams trained at Camberwell College of Arts and now practices across a range of mediums including drawing, painting, illustration, graffiti and installation art.

She already has an impressive list of clients; top names from the world of fashion and interiors, leading architects, National Trust UK and Church of England.

Her growing success is down to her ability to capture the emotional essence of architecture with a distinct and accessible, contemporary style.

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There is a wonderful sense of movement offered by Adams’ free-flowing lines. These are not straight, measured, engineering blueprints; they are depictions of a building’s soul.

In each artwork, Adams shows how great architecture dances through history. Buildings that aren’t static, as their stone foundations suggest, but are gliding through time, gathering stories as they go.

Much of Adam’s artistic achievement is thanks to her understanding and appreciation of fashion and interiors. She is also a graduate of the London College of Fashion; trained in fashion, furniture-making and interior design.

kingston lisle

In the Country House Colouring Book, commissioned by National Trust UK, Adams adds authenticity and insight to her drawings by incorporating little interior details; patterns from wallpaper, fabrics and carvings. These tasty, visual treats hint at the diverse history of the buildings and the people who lived and worked inside them across the centuries.

In a lovely contrast to the grandeur of the buildings she paints, Adams’ studio is much more down to earth. Literally. She currently lives and works from a traditional cave house in Andalucía, Southern Spain.

Adams is motivated by her passion for architecture and her mission to “excite the world with a juicy, visual tale of history.”

Her latest work is a series of paintings depicting the enormously valuable medieval stained glass windows of St. Mary’s Church in Fairford, England. Adams’ paintings brings them to life in a contemporary context to be displayed in a luxury hotel, once a 15th Century, monks’ chanting house.

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