battlefield hardline secret animations

As mentioned before in the review for This War of Mine, first person shooter (FPS) games are everywhere. According to the NPD Group, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 led US video game sales in 2016.  From well-known AAA titles to lesser-known games such as Superhot and Receiver, FPS games continue to be one of the dominant video game genres. That means gun reload animations are common, too.

Gun reload animations come in a great variety, but they can share some distinct similarities. While some focus on realism, others go for a certain “cool factor”. Reload times provide a set of challenges and trade-offs for FPS players. For example, a 100-round machine gun can hold more bullets than an 8-round shotgun, but it can take longer to reload.

The hilarious videos below show what happens when you throw realism out the window.

bullet physics

Reload Animations by Hyper

Ranon Sarono, known online as hyper, is an animator at Respawn Entertainment. He worked on some of the reload animations of Titanfall 2.

Aside from working at Respawn, he’s also created a following for his ridiculous gun animations accompanied by meme-style text and self-deprecating humor.

In his video, tar21 reload, he makes fun of mainstream game animations which throw magazines on the ground. Instead, hyper creates a “better” animation, where the player throws the spent magazine with superhuman strength and spits out the replacement.

In another clip, the player vomits out revolver bullets and throws a speedloader at a Combine soldier floating in space.

Check out the rest of his videos here.

Bonus: Battlefield Hardline’s Secret Animations

Battlefield Hardline, released by EA in 2015, features rare gun animations which can randomly occur. Force-style levitating magazines, magic tricks, unexplained additional hands, and physics-defying feats are just some of the things that can happen. Prestige Clips compiled all the hidden reload animations in one video.