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      The first time you have to present your ideas for others to critique, it can be kind of soul-crushing.

      People will often share their brutally honest opinions about the project you put blood, sweat, and lots of tears into. These reviews may sometimes seem harsh, but critiques are not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.  It’s just preparation for what professionals have to deal with on a daily basis in the real world.

      Listen to feedback and get ideas from the suggestions so you can go back and improve designs.

      Communicate Clearly

      It is very easy for good intentions to be misinterpreted online.  A simple typo or short response could come across as an insult to the person being critiqued. Ignoring suggestions made by reviewers can also seem slightly standoffish.

      Try to express opinions in as civil manner as possible, and don’t get overly defensive of minor criticisms.

      Remember that everybody is entitled to an opinion, and you don’t always have to follow the suggestions that you don’t think are in the best interests of improving your work.  It is still polite to thank people for taking the time to offer their advice.


      It is a good idea to start off any critique with a compliment. Find something you liked about the project before following up with criticism. Providing suggestions for improvements or things that could be done differently is generally better than just saying the project is terrible and should be thrown in the trash.

      Some people are more sensitive than others, so try to be supportive while also being honest. If you’re going to crush someone’s childhood dream of becoming an animator at Pixar, at least eviscerate their hopeless aspirations gently with a pat on the back and some tissues.

      Just don’t take anything personally and be open to suggestions, and critiques aren’t that bad.



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