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      What Can I Post About?

      Any subject relating to animation, art, game design, game development, graphic design, cinematography, filmmaking, illustration, music, programming, web design, special effects, 3D printing, robotics, interactive multimedia, etc.

      Personal projects and creative stuff.

      Freelancing, the job market/industry, new releases, etc.

      General questions and discussions.

      Things Not to Post

      Please no spam, intrusive sales or product endorsements, unrelated news, inappropriate or offensive material, links to malware-ridden sites, etc.

      Try to keep posts appropriate to the subject of the forum in question.  Posts placed in the wrong category may be removed or moved to a different section.

      Topics and Threads

      All registered contributors are allowed to create new topics to post on.  Topics may automatically disable editing after a certain period of time, so be sure to proofread.  You can reply to your topic or other topics in comment threads.

      Please try not to create redundant topics.  If a similar thread already exists, you don’t really need to make another one.

      Private Groups

      To set up private group discussions and messages, contact a moderator or keymaster.

      Creator Rights

      All artwork, intellectual property, concepts, project material, and posts belong to the original authors.  Animation Pagoda does not claim any ownership over anything posted in the forums, comments, or pages.

      Policies on Selling Work

      Animation Pagoda does not interfere with any business conducted in the Jobs forums outside of screening initial posts.  We are not liable for any shady dealings that might go down.

      All exchanges and transactions should be conducted outside of this site through private messaging and electronic payment vendors.

      If clients do not pay or artists fail to deliver what was promised, sorry, that really sucks. Please don’t blame the moderators.  There’s not anything we can do about scams or bad deals after the fact.

      User Policy

      Trolling, hate speech, and cyberbullying are not tolerated.  Please find a different website to rant on.

      If you get into an argument with another person on the forums and they insult, threaten, or persistently harass you, please notify an admin before things escalate further.

      Use common sense when it comes to posting.  It is advisable to not disclose personal information or financial amounts publicly where anyone on the internet can see it.

      Contact a Moderator

      If you have any questions or problems, contact a moderator for help.


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