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      I will share any time-saving techniques I learned building this website in exchange for small web design contributions (primarily cleaning up unnecessary code in the JavaScript and PHP files, possibly updates to the MySQL database).

      I can provide an overview of the WordPress user interface, root directory, hosting services, CSS, child themes, SEO, page speed optimization, plugins, Google Analytics, etc.

      I will also provide recommendations for useful web resources, shortcuts, and plugins that would help anyone brand new to WordPress build their own site quickly without having to look up a bunch of tutorials or make all the common beginner mistakes I did.

      I’m not a programmer or front-end web designer, so I can’t help much in those areas, but I would say that my knowledge is at least intermediate level in WordPress.  WordPress skills can also be loosely applied to any other free web template builders.

      Some of the site files can be viewed on GitHub. The PHP backups may not be the most recent files, but the JavaScript files should be close to the current versions.

      Contact: [email protected]

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