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Email account logins are protected from most robot crawlers and spam by a reCAPTCHA and other honeypot plugins established to deter data scrapers and skimmers. Plugins are updated frequently to prevent exploits.

There are still always risks of malicious hacks. Unencrypted data sent may potentially be viewed by unwanted third parties. Please use proper web discretion and don’t risk sending sensitive personal information or credit card numbers through suspicious links.  Animation Pagoda will never ask for users to send addresses, phone numbers, or banking information.

External Services

This website’s content is hosted via CloudFlare, a global Content Delivery Network, which by default uses secure data encryption transfer.  Any page with the HTTPS:// green lock in the address bar is protected.

The MailChimp email subscription service is a reputable secure service used by millions of users worldwide. The only user information stored by MailChimp is a name and email contact.

Payment services through PayPal or Patreon are conducted externally through secure professional channels.


This website may use caching and other browser data storage methods to optimize page loading speed.


Google Analytics is used to gather user data for site visits and number of page clicks.  All information is completely anonymous and confidential.  The tracking data is only monitored to improve Search Engine Optimization and site usability.

No user information will be sold to third parties by the website owner.  Host provider services may have different policies regarding visitor data (see below).


This website uses a small number of user performance enhancing cookies. These are small tracking software packages that are stored in your computer or phone’s browser history to make pages load faster.

Cookies can be cleared in browser settings or be removed using certain types of antivirus software.  Most cookies are regarded as relatively harmless, but there are certain types of spyware and adware that might latch on and cause security problems.

Outbound Links

All links have been previewed and are generally regarded as reputable.  However, domain content can change over time.  Animation Pagoda is not responsible for the content of any outbound links.

We do not intentionally link to misleading information or click bait.  If you encounter any suspicious redirects, please contact the site administrator immediately.


This website is hosted by Bluehost on a WordPress platform.  Any standard user data settings included in their service packages may carry over to this site.


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